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    Ben Shoval Aims to Promote Job Growth and Prosperity

    The proprietor of Shoval & Co. in Yakima, Washington, Ben Shoval has worked diligently to promote prosperity and job growth. A strong conservative voice for lower taxes and smaller government, Ben Shoval respects the tenets of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, which he believes are the foundation of freedom and democracy. As a small business owner, he admires the sacrifices and dedication of entrepreneurs. Moreover, he defends other private businesses and recognizes that entrepreneurs as risk takers and job creators.


    Outside of his professional activities, Benjamin Shoval is committed to standing up for the rights of our nation’s founders. A patriotic American, Mr. Shoval supports the hard-working men and women of his region - fathers, mothers, parents, grandparents, and teachers – to stand up for their right to freedom of speech and the Second Amendment right to bear arms. Additionally, Benjamin Shoval is a dedicated supporter of police officers, firefighters, and military veterans.


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